About Us

POURfect products were invented and designed when owner Randy Kaas lost his sight in 2001. He has been in the kitchen utensil business since 1978, and was inspired by the TV show, The French Chef starring Julia Child. The need for a mixing bowl that wouldn’t spill when you couldn’t see what you were doing was recognized.


POURfect Products solve common cooking problems making your life easier, less messy and more enjoyable. Ultimate Measuring Spoons with Leveler Tool And Measuring Cup Sets: Having grown tired of inaccurate measuring spoons and cups that were hard to use and impossible to take off spoons or reattach to their ring, Randy decided to design the ULTIMATE set of measuring tools.


Accuracy was the primary goal, not having to solve a math problem to half or double a measurement, and easy to use, one at a time encompassed all of the goals. POURfect measuring spoons and cups are the only, Made in USA, 100% accurate spoons that snap off one at a time, have markings in English, Metric and Braille and are comfortable to hold.


There isn’t another set of 13 measuring spoons that include hard to find sizes plus these: a drop, smidgen, pinch and dash. This includes 1/64t, 1/32t, 1/16t, 1/8t, 1/4t, 1/3t, 1/2t, 3/4t, 1t, 1-1/2t, 1 Tablespoon and 2 Tablespoon.


The measuring cup set includes 9 pieces including often hard to find sizes. Sizes range is 1/8c, 1/4c, 1/3c, 1/2c, 2/3c, 3/4c, 1c, 1 1/2c & 2c.


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